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Brown Diamond
Brown colored diamonds vary greatly in their shade and hue. They are typically less expensive than other colored diamonds because there is not as great of an appeal to the average consumer. However, there has been an increase in sales recently when the diamonds were marketed as "cognac" or "champagne" colored. The Argyle diamond mine is Australia is the leading producer of brown diamonds.

Brown colored diamonds are considered to be a Type 1 diamond. When they are created, they absorb a noticeable amount of nitrogen atoms which actually absorb blue light. The nitrogen atoms cluster with the carbon lattice and can start off as a pale yellow color. As the nitrogen atoms spread out they absorb green light to appear to be a darker hue of yellow, making them seem brown, light orange, or greenish in appearance.

One of the most famous golden brown diamonds is The Great Chrysanthemum diamond. If was found in the South African diamond minds at a weight of 198.28 carats. Julius Cohen bought the diamond and had it cut into a pear shape. Now The Great Chrysanthemum diamond weights 104.15 carats, and has 189 facets. It is mounted as a central stone of a stunning yellow gold necklace which is made of 410 oval and marquise shaped diamonds. As a rough stone it was thought to be a light brown but after cutting the stone it became golden brown with hues or burnt orange and sienna. It was exhibited in many diamond stores around the world, and has been featured in many diamond museum exhibits. Julius Cohen later sold it to a foreign buyer for an undisclosed amount.

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