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Cognac Diamond
Cognac diamonds actually are just a form of brown diamonds. Because brown diamonds are less appealing to diamond buyers as a whole, marketing of brown diamonds as "cognac" or "champagne" colored have been widespread. Naming brown diamonds as "cognac" is an idea that is pushed by the Argyle diamond mine, which is located in Australia. They are one of the largest producers of brown diamonds in the world. By enhancing the image of the brown diamond, they are able to charge more for it because the demand for these diamonds has increased.

Most diamond sellers place cognac colored diamonds under the heading of champagne colored diamonds. This is also how the Argyle Diamond Mine has rated the diamonds coming from their mine. In this case, diamonds falling under the champagne heading are rated from C1 to C7 based on their color. C1 through C6 are variations of the champagne colored diamond, while C7 is reserved for the richer cognac color. If you look at champagne colors on a scale, diamonds on the C1 side are a light straw color and diamonds on the the C7 side are the "cognac" color. The cognac colored diamond is typically a dark orange-brown color. Because of its rich color, diamonds ranked as cognac colored are worth more.

Brown diamonds, of all shades, are found quite frequently throughout the world. Combined with the lack of appeal to the general consumer, they tend to be one of the least expensive diamond choices. The cognac diamond, however, is certainly a beautiful diamond and it might be an excellent choice for someone who enjoys the rich brown shade and does not wish to spend a fortune on a quality diamond.

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